Registration for Participation

Registration Fee

On or before 23 October 2018From 24 October 2018 Abstract Book
Standard Registration Fee
(JSHPST members)
5,000 JPY6,000 JPYone book Free
Standard Registration Fee
(non members)
7,000 JPY8,000 JPY5,000 JPY per one book
Student Registration Fee
(JSHPST members)
2,000 JPY3,000 JPYone book Free
Student Registration Fee
(non members)
3,000 JPY4,000 JPY5,000 JPY per one book
Banquet on
27 November 2018
On or before 23 October 2018From 24 October 2018
Banquet Fee7,000 JPY9,000 JPY
Banquet Fee for Students4,000 JPY6,000 JPY

Registration Period

  • Early Bird Registration: received on/before 23 October, 2018.
  • Late Registration: received on 24 October - 13 November, 2018.
  • On-site registration is also available.

How to pay

  • Bank transfer using a payment slip of JAPAN POST BANK (JP Bank)
  • Bank transfer
    JP Bank, 099 branch, Checking account 227154

For All Partispants

Only for the early bird registration, receipt and registration card, in which your name and affiliation are typed, will be mailed on mid November. For late and on-site registrations the receipt and registration card is given to you at the reception desk on 59th HPCJ.

For JSHPST Regular members

Use the payment slip of JP Bank, in which the bank account 00940-7-227154 is printed. This is only for the payment of registration, banquet and Abstract book fees. It is enclosed with the membership invoice in fiscal year 2018. Please note that the bank account for registration fee of 59th HPCJ is different from that for annual fee of JSHPST membership.

For Non-Members

You are able to pay the registration fee using bank transfer or the payment slip what the JSHPST members have.